ramp meets Retro Classics: Timeless classics & the future

One of the bigger stars on the first day of the Retro Classics classic car show in Stuttgart? Clearly, Armin Pohl's E-Lorean. The car, which ramp was the first to shoot. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that ramp editor-in-chief Michael Köckritz moderates on-site and ramp.pictures photographer Matthias Mederer talks to Giorgetto Guigaro in an interview.
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The idea of an electric drive for a DeLorean? It was a great fit in the mind of Armin Pohl. »So great that today I think the DeLorean should have been launched with an electric motor in the first place,« says the investor and special effects expert. That was the starting signal for a success story that rivals the legendary science fiction flicks of the »Back to the Future« series. In a nutshell, Pohl's DeLorean has become a technology powerhouse in the meantime. But not just for electric mobility, as he explains in an interview with ramp Editor-in-Chief Michael Köckritz at the Retro-Classics. Touchless gesture control, cutting-edge software solutions, and much more that the future holds in store. A living test vehicle - and »the best DeLorean ever built.«

Powered by E-Works' Mobility solutions, the car has visually remained almost untouched - only a diffuser recently designed by its original designer, Giorgetto Giugaro, changes its design. Other than that? »There was nothing to change,« admits the design legend, who was there for an interview himself. However, not only owner Armin Pohl but also ramp.pictures photographer Matthias Mederer share the same opinion in the talk. »The stainless steel body is also one of the absolute highlights,« says the Franconian, who was the first professional photographer ever to photograph the E-Lorean.

“In terms of chassis, powertrain and safety, we can say that this is the best DeLorean ever built.”

Armin Pohl

Armin Pohl's E-Lorean and selected ramp editions can be found at the Wunderkind Invest and E-Works Mobility booth in Hall 1, Aisle 10. Retro Classics will run through Sunday, April 24, 2022, as part of the spring trade shows. Tickets for the event, which is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., are available online for 18 € and cost 20 € at the box office.

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