Right off the bat

There are only two types of beachgoers: those who just lie around in the sun, and those who play beach tennis near the surf. The latter is who Frescobol Carioca had in mind when it came up with the perfect beach bat set. Each bat is individually handcrafted, polished, and covered with a strong resin coating to make it salt- and sand-resistant. Now the beach tennis bunch can pass each other the ball in style – and more easily ignore the fact that they are an unbelievable nuisance to those who just want to lie around in the sun.

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Built Different: the Gordon Murray T50

The who's who of classic motorsport flocked together at the Members Meeting at Goodwood this weekend. Joining them was the future of the super sports car, inspired by the past. In short: the Gordon Murray T.50. And yes, it sounds even better than it looks.

Jo Stenuit: »Everything is connected!«

Why is it that the mentality of the Belgians is so wonderfully harmonized with that in Japan? And what does this have to do with loud and quiet? Let's say this much: It's all about the small, the big - and the design. A visit with Jo Stenuit, Design Director at Mazda Europe.

Out of Space

Let’s imagine we travel a few years into the future. And then we go for coffee and ask a very simple question: What is space?

ramp #55 - Say Watt?

Moin! We find joy. In the North Germans. They are generally regarded as cold and unapproachable. Exuberance is a foreign word to them. The greeting behavior contributes to the consolidation of the first impression, for the North Germans an implied nod is sufficient. Particularly good-humored specimens let themselves be carried away to a »Moin».