Röhrl rules! Five Walter facts

Walter Röhrl is a true legend of motorsport. The Bavarian is best known for his four consecutive Monte Carlo Rally victories, his record-breaking drive up Pikes Peak and of course his two World Rally Championship titles. But then there are his sayings, which are no less famous than »the tall one«. Five legendary Röhrl quotes and facts on the 75th anniversary of the iconic driver's birthday.
Text Marko Knab
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1) "You can't treat a car like a human being. A car needs love!"

Based on the quote, you might think Walter Röhrl has always lived only for driving. But then he does give more love to at least one person: And that is his wife Monika. Röhrl has been together with her for 56 years and married for 42.

2) "A garage without a Porsche 911 is a bleak and empty hole!"

When Walter is right, he is right. And to ensure that this fate never befalls him, he has started a small collection of various 911 derivatives himself. In other respects, too, he still has close ties to Zuffenhausen. Although no longer a test driver, he remains a devoted brand ambassador.

3) "When I sit in the car and start the engine, I'm infallible!"

That's what you call real confidence - but Röhrl always had it, and rightly so. His only accident on public roads was not his fault. While test-driving a Ferrari F40, a Ford Taunus overlooked him. Nothing happened to Röhrl, but the F40 burned to the ground.

4) "For anything over eight minutes on the Nordschleife, I don't put on a helmet!"

Walter Röhrl has principles. And Porsche? Has always built faster cars. Since 1999 at the latest, Röhrl has therefore been forced to wear a helmet during tests. Why? Because every 911 GT3 since then has broken the eight-minute speed barrier. Not to mention the Carrera GT, the 918 Spyder and the latest developments.

5) "If the car is just loud enough, they (the wild animals) stay inside in the forest."

That Röhrl is not the biggest fan of EVs should be well known. His solution against wildlife accidents? Sounds good. Which is also to be understood literally. He has nothing against the wilderness and nature: He prefers to ski and cycle right there.

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