So nice? So fresh! Our best Sony shoots

Today the exhibition of this year's Sony World Photography Awards opens in Berlin. A good reason to take a look at our own shots with the cameras of the Japanese manufacturer - and to choose our personal favorites.
Text Alfred Rzyski

Porsche Seen

You see me - you don't see me. The Seen series with the Porsche studies from the Design Center in Weissach is virtually the essence of automotive photography: the exclusive cars were only visible for a few brief moments. And these moments were captured by editor-in-chief and publisher Michael Köckritz himself with his Sony a9. So that you can look at them again and again. Even when the vehicles are back in Porsche's warehouse, as they are now.

Bugatti Centodieci

It is often worthwhile to become aware of one's own past - in order to then define the course for the present. Which is why in 2019 Bugatti decided to dedicate a monument to the Italian interlude in the 1990s with the »Centodieci.« A very special story with incomparable lost-place aesthetics, captured in the abandoned »La Fabricca Blu« in Campogalliano. By photographer and editor Matthias Mederer. And, of course, accompanied by Achim Anscheidt.

La La Land?

La La Lamborghini! At least for this one night, when Matthias Mederer was driving the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster in the City of Angels, also known as Los Angeles. Between sky blue, the dark of night and the lights of the city. In addition to the particularly photogenic sides of the metropolis, he then also shows us why photography means something like »painting with light«. We thank him - and enjoy looking at the pictures a little longer.

Porsche Summervibes

Five 911s in one stroke. What more could you want. The meeting place is Stuttgart Airport. Behind the cameras ramp editor-in-chief & publisher Michael Köckritz, photographer Kirill Kirsanov and multi-talent Matthias Mederer. Accompanied by pastel colors, high-key shots and lots of summer vibes. Together this makes up our »Tasteful 8«.

McLaren 620R

Zum Abschluss geht es nach Berlin. Und versprochen, dort schauen wir uns die Sony World Photography Awards dann auch an – aber erst morgen. Denn was gibt es besseres, als in der Hauptstadt selbst mit einer Kamera der Japaner loszuziehen? Stimmt, nicht wirklich viel. Und zwar ganz besonders, wenn man die heiß-kalte Nacht dabei auch noch in Begleitung eines McLaren 620R – dem GT4-Rennwagen für die Straße – verbringen darf. So wie unser Matthias Mederer eben.

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