Speed & Beauty: Ferrari and Flavio Manzoni at Autostyle

How to lead a legendary brand into the future while retaining its unmistakable style is impressively demonstrated by Flavio Manzoni. After all, the Italian heads the design centre at Ferrari. And today at Autostyle, he explains what makes the design of the famous sports cars so special, like the 812 Competizione.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Ferrari

Autostyle 2021 with Ferrari, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, Lamborghini and Bulgari.

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Competition is good for business. And a Competizione? Invigorates just about everything you have and feel. We've known that at least since Kurt Molzer's visit to Ferrari, although the Viennese is more interested in the performance figures and his own performance, and less in the design. At least that was the case with the SF90 Assetto Fiorano in the summer, but recently he was allowed to drive the 812 Competizione around the legendary manufacturer's test track. His conclusion: nice and fast. But also beautiful. And Flavio Manzoni - head of design at Ferrari - is responsible for the latter. Fittingly, he shows interested visitors at Autostyle today exactly what makes the lines of the latest V12 GT so special. And, of course, what distinguishes Ferrari's design language, which he has shaped.

The designer and architect has continuously developed it since 2010: from the Ferrari FF to the iconic hypercar "LaFerrari" and the Roma - to the hardcore 812 with a closed rear window. The distinctive features are the front headlights, which are pulled back and give the Italian cars an unmistakable appearance, as well as the rear lights, which are often quadruple. But the former Seat, Lancia and Volkswagen designer is also a master of watches: he developed a special design for Ferrari's cooperation with Hublot. We don't know whether watches will be part of today's presentation - but one thing is clear: it will be fast. And beautiful. Typical Ferrari, so to say.

enabling interested parties from all over the world to participate after registration. The series of workshops kicked off on 7 October - with the presentation of the key speakers of the lecture series. Today, Ferrari Design Director Flavio Manzoni will speak. The further schedule of events is as follows:

  • October, 7th 2021: Kick-off event
  • October, 14th 2021: Fabrizio Buonamassa for Bulgari
  • October, 21st 2021: Robin Page for Volvo
  • October, 28th 2021: Paul Wraith for Ford
  • November, 4th 2021: Matteo Battiston for Luxottica
  • November, 10th 2021: Lance Scott for Toyota
  • November, 18th 2021: Flavio Manzoni for Ferrari
  • November, 25th 2021: Mitja Borkert for Lamborghini
  • December, 2nd 2021: Filippo Taiani for Alcantara
  • December, 9th 2021: Klaus Busse for Maserati

Autostyle 2021 with Ferrari, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, Lamborghini and Bulgari.

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