Street Art: Marc Philipp Gemballa MARSIEN

What is inspiring? For Marc Philipp Gemballa, it was the Dakar Rally. Influenced by the legendary race, he then created his own personal vision of a modern super sports car with the MARSIEN. The renowned automobile photographer Oskar Bakke, in turn, was inspired by the first model of the MARSIEN - and therefore captured the athletic design object. In New York City.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Oskar Bakke

Dynamic, cosmopolitan, cool. These adjectives apply to both New York’s Times Square and Marc Philipp Gemballa’s MARSIEN that recently arrived there – after having proved its off-road qualities in the Arabian desert, its US launch at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach and reported sightings in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. Production of the Alan-Derosier-designed MARSIEN will start soon, but the rocket with its powerful 750 hp engine is already a success – and was immediately sold out. There are only a few exclusive collectors’ pieces that are still advertised and sold based on very strict criteria.

Customers will be able to experience the MARSIEN – a super sports car with a clear design, influenced by Porsche’s offroad history, the first of a completely new class of vehicles – starting this fall. The MARSIEN is distinguished by its ingenious suspension construction which can be hydraulically adjusted to be suitable for adventures both on and off the road, thus also allowing for innumerable settings for Oskar Bakke’s shots.

Dynamic, cosmopolitan, cool. These adjectives apply to both New York’s Times Square and Marc Philipp Gemballa’s MARSIEN that recently arrived there.

The Swedish photographer is fascinated by the MARSIEN: “People are just amazed wherever this car shows up – no matter if they see it or drive it. I’m particularly impressed by the car’s design – it’s extreme but still very subtle. It is well balanced and just looks incredible. I’m really looking forward to cooperating with Marc and realizing projects like this one in other interesting locations.” So we can rest assured: these photos definitely won’t be the last project that Marc Philipp Gemballa and Oskar Bakke will realize with the MARSIEN. Lucky us!

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