The Columbo Method

We’re dedicating this issue to our self. To us. Again. A continuation, in a way, of our last rampstyle, which we had titled “I for Myself”. Wonderful. After all, our self is what defines us, what makes us tick. But how to best explore ourselves? Or all of life’s fundamental questions for that matter? We recommend a casual combination of the following two strategies.
Text Michael Köckritz
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The Columbo method

Approach your self-exploration the way Lieutenant Columbo would. In the legendary crime television series of the same name, the homicide detective would give suspects the impression of being a bit scatterbrained or inept, but in the end he always solved the case. Columbo taught us that you should never let yourself be blinded by first impressions, that good questions are subtle, inventive and uncomfortable, that the way they are answered is unpredictable and opens up new options and possibilities – and that persistence is never a bad thing.

»Being bored makes it seem as if time were stretching out longer and longer in our minds, which ultimately stimulates our imagination and promotes creativity.«


Dare to be lazy, celebrate boredom – and with it the unpredictability of the answers your imagination can provide. When you are bored, your brain goes for a walk within itself, experts tell us. Being bored makes it seem as if time were stretching out longer and longer in our minds, which ultimately stimulates our imagination and promotes creativity. Suddenly, we are open to suggestions, associations, rambling daydreams or a new thought – in an entirely spontaneous and natural way. The underlying questions resonate gently, with full focus a part of the package. We are completely with ourselves

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