The New Ultimate: the Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche has unveiled the 911 GT3 RS: the ultimate naturally aspirated 992 has 525 hp, more engineering solutions than ever before, and probably the widest wing an 911 has ever worn. Only in one aspect has »the new one« regressed: the top speed.
Text Marko Knab
Photo Porsche

RS stands for racing. And for the most uncompromising driving machines in the Porsche cosmos, which benefit from developments in motorsport. With the unveiling of the new 911 GT3 RS from the 992 model generation, Porsche has once again gone one better - and for the base price of 229,517, it is presenting what is presumably the ultimate 911. Five things that caught our eye at the presentation.

Active aerodynamics, made in Zuffenhausen

We can't (and won't) overlook this at all: the incredibly complex and inventive aerodynamic solutions on the GT3 RS. Not only does it have a huge rear wing with gooseneck suspension known from motorsport, but it also uses numerous flics, air deflectors, airblades and even aerodynamically shaped front wheel suspensions to suck itself onto the track. At 200 km/h, with 409 kilograms it generates twice as much downforce as its predecessor and three times as much as a current 911 GT3. At 285 km/h, the downforce is an insane 860 kilograms.

And that's not all: The GT3 RS also features active DRS, which allows the driver to flatten the wing elements if desired. This makes the car go even faster on the straights. During emergency braking, the elements and the flap on the rear wing are raised and then act as an air brake.

A powerhouse, no only an engine

»Aerodynamics is something for people who can't build engines," a legendary Italian vehicle creator once said. With its four-liter, six-cylinder boxer engine, Porsche is again making a clear statement that it is also possible to master both disciplines extremely well. For the GT3 RS, therefore, the powertrain familiar from the standard GT3 with its penchant for high revs and good sound has been further improved. New camshafts with modified cam profiles thus provide 525 hp and 3.2 seconds for the sprint to 100 kilometers per hour. And there is no compromise on braking either: Here, a system with 410-millimeter PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake) discs ensures safe stops.

Porsche turns it up to eleven

There are no less than four rotary controls on the steering wheel, offering a wealth of setting options. Classically, the drive mode control is present, but there is also quick access to the traction control setting, the rear axle cross-axle lock and a »dial« for adjusting the suspension. The latter can be used to adjust the compression and rebound dampers on the front and rear axles from the cockpit, among other things. In this case, this even goes far beyond the solutions in motorsports, where you usually have to go to the pits to adjust the chassis.

We see red (and white)

For the presentation, Porsche has given the previously all-black GT3 RS a white base coat with red accents and rims. These wonderfully remind us of the 996 GT3, but above all of the identical look of the 911 2.7 RS, which in turn is the progenitor of all sporty GT versions. Incidentally, with an unladen weight of just 1,450 kilograms, »the new one« is absolutely in the lightweight spirit of the original RS. That's heritage done right. And not a bit different.

He's no longer a member of the »300 Club«

Now the big »but«, at least for numbers enthusiasts and quartet players: In its latest incarnation, the 911 GT3 RS drops out of the legendary 300 club. That's right, the fastest naturally aspirated 911 slows down and only manages 296 kilometers per hour top speed on the straight. We have the aforementioned giant wing to thank for this, which naturally sits very high in the wind and provides the incredible downforce. What's left to say? Anyone can drive fast on straights!

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