The ramp podcast "UNTERWEGS mit Kaminer": Episode 3 – Classic Car Rallye

Dürfen Autos heute überhaupt noch cool sein? Für die dritte Folge unseres ramp Podcasts by BMW Bank Drivers Club diskutieren Autor Wladimir Kaminer und ramp Chefredakteur Michael Köckritz genau diese Frage. Und sprechen auch darüber, wie man bei einer Classic Rallye nicht nur durch den Raum, sondern auch die Zeit reist.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo David Breun

At a time when travelling is often considered a necessary evil and flying uncool, you should get into a car with character. Because it broadens the horizon. In a vintage car, for example, you don't just drive through the countryside, you travel through time at the same time. Which is no coincidence: the most interesting people of the past centuries - the discoverers, the knights and the explorers - were also great travellers. It hardly mattered in which direction they travelled. The journey was the destination.

Instead, choosing the right means of transport was crucial to the success of the journey. And it is no different today. In our modern world, travel has been degraded to a mere mobility question of how to get from one place to another in the fastest and cheapest way. By train or even faster, in a plane? Such journeys do not educate. It is good to take your time. That's exactly why writer Vladimir Kaminer and ramp editor-in-chief Michael Köckritz talk about the topic of "Classic Rally" in the third episode of our ramp Podcast by BMW Bank Drivers Club - and Vladimirs drive with historic BMW models.

Always with the substantially larger view. Always stimulating. And always in connection with car culture in general. An informal dialogue among friends about today's car culture. The goal is a discussion that is as amusing as it is stimulating about how to be more self-determined in the world these days than ever before. The car as a friend. As a place of retreat. In a time when the idea of the car is changing, seems to be losing its original meaning and effect.

The third episode was also recorded in cooperation with the BMW Bank Drivers Club at the legendary Omni Studios in Berlin. You can find impressions of the recordings there and the Classic Rally event of our friends on their Instagram channel - and in the soon to be released rampstyle #24.

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