The Space Time Capsule: Hyundai Ioniq 5

No hype, no excitement, no outrage as far as the eye can see. Just your outdoor home office in Sweden. And a Hyundai Ioniq 5. With Scandinavian style as a touch of cool on top. It’s nice and cold up there already anyway.
Text Jack Weil
Photo Kirill Kirsanov ·

“To make knowledge productive, we will have to learn to see both forest and tree.” And what better place to test this idea than in the great outdoors? Though this introductory insight by economist Peter Drucker is not, of course, meant as a literal call to action for us to pack up, leave it all behind and move out into nature.

A metaphorical approach is allowed, however, because today more than ever, nature offers itself as an ideal and inspiring haven for creative self-reflection when working in this hurried, multitasking society that more often and more quickly seems to be spinning around in circles. For good ideas, we need a sanctuary, a place that offers the necessary security and space for ideas to grow. And the natural blueprint for such a place is – of course – the Scandinavian wilderness.

“To make knowledge productive, we will have to learn to see both forest and tree.”

Paul Drucker

Hyundai realized that as well. The idea of escaping from the city and heading out to nature certainly has its appeal. We just need the right setting. And that’s exactly what Hyundai has created with the portable Today’s Office from Scandinavian design studio Puisto Architects – a cabin in the woods, a thirty minutes’ drive outside of Stockholm, beyond the reach of any human activity. In other words, with absolutely no infrastructure. The key to making the cabin work is that it needs an Ioniq 5. On the one hand, as a design inspiration; on the other hand, as a stable power supply with its integrated Vehicle-to-Load function (V2L). The onboard 230 V socket and power output of 3.6 kW effectively turn the car into a giant power bank capable of charging larger electrical devices such as an electric bicycle – or power the cabin’s heating, Wi-Fi, lights, TV, sound system, refrigerator and whatever else you might need for an inspiring outdoor home office experience. The Ioniq 5 has enough power for one to two people to spend two days out in the Scandinavian nature as a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

A key focus during the development was, of course, the issue of sustainability. Thanks to insights gained from the field of micro-housing and the fact that the cabin can be moved in one piece, Today’s Office has almost zero impact on the natural environment.

Such ideal conditions naturally contribute to getting one’s work done in a far more creative, inspired and efficient way. But probably it also means that you’ll have a bit of time left over at the end of the day that you can devote to other things. Since the cabin is designed for two, we recommend the obvious: a good game of chess.

Should you actually choose to retreat into complete solitude all by yourself, we recommend taking an example from Bill Gates, who does just that for a week once a year to get some reading done. That’s how he gained the necessary understanding and perspective for the big picture. Now, if you’re asking yourself which books you should take along, here’s our list of the top five that made a lasting impression on one of the world’s wealthiest people.

Bills Leseliste:
· »Bad Blood – Die wahre Geschichte des größten Betrugs im Silicon Valley« von John Carreyrou
· »21 Lektionen für das 21. Jahrhundert« von Yuval Harari
· »Army of None«, nur auf Englisch erhältlich, von Paul Scharre
· »Befreit – Wie Bildung mir die Welt erschloss« von Tara Westover
· »Mach mal Platz im Kopf – Meditation bringt’s!« von Andy 

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