The SUV That I’ve Always Loved

A Range Rover has always been a bit more luxurious and stylish than the other representatives of the genre. The fifth generation even has what it takes to play a role in a spy thriller. Want to know more? Read on.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Jaguar Press

The name? Rover. Range Rover. Elegant, self-confident, adventurous, not to mention strong-willed. The pinstripe suit among SUVs, with a license to get covered in mud, and no less legendary than a certain fictional agent in Her Majesty’s secret service.It is precisely this enormous legacy that is continued in the fifth generation of the luxury off-roader. With an added touch of excitement. Because the new hybrid powertrains allow the Range Rover to cover up to one hundred kilometers running only on electric power. This range will then be extended in 2024 with the first purely battery-powered Rover. Which should lend some electrifying thrills to potential car chases.

No matter which method you prefer for shaking off your adversaries, ideally they will all be staring at your boat tail. That’s the name among designers for this kind of rear end. Minimalist, upward-pointing taillights dominate the scene together with a continuous trim strip. The look fits seamlessly into the classic design of the flagship vehicle, with its floating roofline sloping slightly backwards, the strong waistline with its horizontal emphasis, and the sill line rising moderately toward the rear.

Inside the car, Alexa awaits. The voice control system can activate a wide range of services on demand. And not just in the vehicle. You can even access your smart home devices while out and about. The only question that remains is whether Alexa falls more into the category of “Miss Moneypenny” or “Bond Girl”.

The latter will presumably be accommodated in the SV Signature Suite of the top SV model. Here the experts from the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) business unit have come up with some wonderful luxury details for the happy ending – from the electrically deployable Club Table and high-quality furnishings with innovative textiles to the large refrigerator to make sure the martini is always served chilled.

“The modernist nature of our design philosophy doesn’t follow fashion or trend. It’s free from superfluous detail, resulting in a form which speaks to modernity, yet is full of charm and delivers new levels of emotional engagement.”

Gerry McGovern, Chief Creative Officer at Jaguar Land Rover

There’s just one drawback. The secret agent will have to shake his favorite drink himself. That’s because the electronically controlled Dynamic Response Pro roll control system reduces the vehicle’s body movements to optimize ride comfort and agility.

Land Rover New Range Rover P530
Engine: twin turbocharged V8
Displacement: 4,395 cc
Power: 523 hp (390 kW)
Torque: 750 Nm
0–100 km/h: 4.6 s
Top speed: 250 km/h

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