Time? (-less)! Our essentials for the Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week starts tomorrow with the preview of the upcoming women's fall-winter fashion. Because first of all it's still quite a while away and secondly men are absolutely underrepresented here, we have compiled timeless essentials for him. Matching care products and fragrances included.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Steffen Jahn

Keep cool.

The leather jacket: One for all, it is the lowest common denominator of all fashion and political camps. Pop stars choose it, rebels always did. Che Guevara, for example, wore a legendary leather jacket - but not this wonderful model by Tom Ford. And he didn't combine it with jeans by The Nim, Doucal boots and a sweater by Roberto Collina either. All in all, a pretty cool look. And that brings us back to -big surprise- Steve McQueen and the Tag Heuer Monaco, which matches the outfit perfectly.

Leather Jacket Tom Ford / Jeans The Nim via Braun Hamburg / BOOTS Doucal's via Hermann's Reutlingen / PULLOVER Roberto Collina via Hermann's Reutlingen / SUNGLASSES Ray-Ban / PFEFFERMINZ Manufactum Stuttgart / WATCH Tag Heuer Monaco 1969 / BOOK Steve McQueen

Mon Dieu? Moncler!

The Moncler down jacket and the Leica M10-R not only share the same color shade. They also share a reputation that guarantees exclusive quality. Someone who has a great reputation anyways: Bryan Adams. The musician and photographer appears very likeable and stylistically confident. On his album »Get Up«, as well as on his illustrated book »Exposed«. We are sure: The multi-talent would surely like the combination of the sweater from Filippo de Laurentiis and the boots from Officine Creative.

Jacket Moncler via Hermann's Reutlingen / Jeans Tom Ford / T-Shirt Jil Sander via Bungalow Stuttgart BOOTS Officine Creative via Braun Hamburg /Pullover Filippo de Laurentiis via Hermann's Reutlingen / LP »Get Up« by Bryan Adams CAMERA Leica M10-R / BOOK »Exposed« by Bryan Adams

King's call

Simple, beautiful and simply always a good choice: the classic suit. Especially when it comes from Zegna and is cleverly combined with a Tom Ford shirt and bow tie. Speaking of classics: Rounded off with a Rolex Daytona and shoes by Scarosso, you could easily have sat in a convertible with B.B. King and Eric Clapton. Or even ride along with the Blues Brothers. One thing is clear: Good style called and we answered.

Shirt, FLY Tom Ford / Suit Zegna via Braun Hamburg / Shoes Scarosso / Case Bottega Veneta via Braun Hamburg CREME Chanel / TELEPHONE Manufactum Stuttgart / WATCH Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 1997 / PLATE »Riding with the King« by B. B. King & Eric Clapton BOOK »Kings of Cool« by Don Winslow / Lighter Zippo


Did you know that the sense of taste is closely linked to the sense of smell? So it's no coincidence that an exclusive fragrance really rounds off a stylish outfit. Which one you choose depends, of course, on your own preferences and personal taste. What is certain despite all the variables: Among our fragrances from Dior, Bulgari, Luis Vouitton, Giorgio Armani and many more, there is something for everyone. That's for sure.

BVLGARI Man Terrae Essence / VEDRA The Essential CBD Gel / SENSAI Cellular Performance Advanced Day Cream DIOR Sauvage / GIORGIO ARMANI Code Homme / YVES SAINT LAURENT Y Liveover parfumdreams.de CIRE TRUDON Deux II/ DIPTYQUE L'Eau / FRÉDÉRIC MALLE French Lover / MUTI Vitamin C Serum / LOUIS VUITTON Météore

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