Timeless Perfection: Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is more or less what the »little black dress« is for women: an absolute classic. But why is that?

With her fabulous performance in »Breakfast at Tiffany's,« Audrey Hepburn made »the little black dress« world famous in a heartbeat. A certain Steve McQueen, who had his breakthrough a year earlier with »The Magnificent Seven,« was supposed to play the male lead alongside Hepburn. He turned down the offer and subsequently shot »The Great Escape,« »The Thomas Crown Affair« and »Bullit« instead.

Today, these movies enjoy cult status themselves. Like the Rolex Submariner, which McQueen loved to wear on and off his work on set. The striking diver's watch with its black dial and ceramic numerals was one of the King of Cool's absolute favorite models. He left one of them as a gift to his stuntman with a special engraving: »To Loren, The Best Damn Stuntman In The World,« was engraved on the underside of the case.

Even though this technical masterpiece of water resistance has always been the reference among diving watches, it was authentic daredevils like McQueen who underpinned the myth of the Rolex Submariner and made the watch what the »Little Black Dress« is for women today: an absolute classic.


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