Versatile and complete: Genesis GV60

Genesis presents the GV60, its second electric vehicle and relies on the proven E-GMP platform of parent company Hyundai. With this sporty crossover, the Korean luxury brand has succeeded in developing a car with a striking and progressive design language - that with all its dynamism, also manages to come across as elegant.
Text Alfred Rzyski
Photo Genesis

Combining sportiness, top performance, elegance, and horsepower can be a challenge - just think back to the Olympic Games. However, the new Genesis GV 70 would definitely be worthy of a medal in this modern all-around competition - the luxury brand from Korea has shown real dexterity with its new electric vehicle. The front of the GV60 has been specially optimized for the aerodynamic and technical requirements of an electric car, but still relies on the iconic and progressive Quad lights in a two-line design. These, in turn, find space under a so-called »clamshell hood« that combines the hood and fenders in a single element, rounding off the elegant impression. Viewed from the side, the GV60 has the profile of a dynamic coupe: A simple but sharp silhouette that extends from the hood to the rear spoiler. »Athletic Elegance« is the name of the philosophy behind it, and the familiar taillights also appear in this style.

In the interior, too, the variably designed crossover cleverly exploits the advantages of its electric base: it is spacious and comfortable, characterized by a slim cockpit and flat floor. The design relies on circular details on the controls, horn trim, door handles and side mirrors - which by the way are fully digital. The still outstanding performance, technical data and the as yet unannounced price alone prevent us from talking about a completely rounded product - just like the as yet unannounced the market launch date. What is clear, however, is what the coupé-like name of the GV60 already means on paper: The 'G' stands for Genesis, while the 'V' stands for versatility. And that's not a bit presumptuous.

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