Watches & Wonders 2022: Rolex unveils its latest model variations

The history of Rolex and Swiss watchmaking are intertwined in an almost symbiotic way. Rolex was groundbreaking in the development of the wristwatch. And still is to this day. Today, Rolex is presenting its latest model variations at the Watches & Wonders luxury watch fair in Geneva.
Text Alexander Morath
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Pushing boundaries. And permanently expanding them. Again and again, always in finely balanced harmony with the relentless pursuit of excellence. This, or something at least as epic, is how Rolex defines its corporate philosophical foundation. We like it. Very much so! After all, this kind of aspirational thinking provides the ideal breeding ground for superlative luxury watches, such as those being presented today at the Watches & Wonders 2022 watch fair in Geneva.

We take a look at them: the latest model variations of the Swiss luxury watch brand Rolex.

High-flyers: Rolex Air-King

Striking dial. Plus the equally learned and timelessly elegant pilot's watch look: Rolex has revamped the Air-King, referencing the historic relationship between the Swiss luxury brand and aviation.

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May the yacht be with you: Rolex Yacht-Master 42

In addition to a white gold variant, Rolex presents a Yacht-Master in yellow gold for the first time. Rolex really couldn't have celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Yacht-Master any more beautifully than with this 42-millimeter model! Also nice: the ambidextrous ceramic bezel with raised numerals and hour markers.

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Masterpiece: Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex gives the GMT-Master a green and black bezel for the first time in its history. Crown and date move to the left side of the case. The certification as »Superlative Chronometer« is of course still on the agenda thanks to the modified movement.

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