ramp #42 // Summer 2018 (EN)

Into the blue

The colour blue creates space and perspective, brings not only calm and composure into the game but also lets us dream with our eyes open – and so fires our imagination and our creativity. New solution strategies are then produced in series. Strategies live from clear visions and objectives. The popular process of divergent thinking is good and well, but it doesn’t really do any good if practiced happy, carefree and unfocused. Here convergent thinking can help you get your bearings in the blue space. Convergent thinking assumes that a problem has a probable cause from which clear solutions and logical processes can be derived. Convergent thinking can point the way. Suddenly you know where you want to get to.

And besides, it’s summer. Holiday, blue skies, the sea. Life is a beach. Rest, relaxation, tranquillity, calm. Being in a good mood also makes us more creative. Blue can be so wonderfully cool.

Into the blue!

With this in mind, happy reading of ramp#42!

ramp #42 // Summer 2018 (EN)

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