ramp #43 // Winter 2018 (EN)

42, eh? Well, great!

In Douglas Adams’s wacky sci-fi satire The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, humanity, after millions of years of data-crunching by an enormous supercomputer, finally learns the long-awaited answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything – and then this fine mess. Because 1.) unfortunately nobody can remember what the actual question was and 2.) it remains doubtful whether such an ultimate answer to an ultimate question is in reality or at least in principle of any use to anyone.

Complex systems like our present-day offer no clear answers or simple causalities and, as such, there is no resulting master plan and certainly not a plannable future – something that, with a confident, relaxed and pragmatic attitude, is actually a wonderful opportunity. Because freedom, progress and innovation can only be had at the expense of predictability. So we happily accept the complexity of the situation and best define truths depending on the situation and whether they function in practice if we have a certain objective in mind. Accordingly, we creatively throw it all together, anticipate the accidental, combine and improvise.

And went looking for the meaning of this issue of ramp.


Michael Köckritz

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on the go

When it comes to tasks and solutions, questions and answers, it 
can help enormously if you can change your perspective.

WRC Subaru Impreza

Some collectors’ cars just stand around idly in a museum somewhere. Others are still in action, being more or less carefully steered around sharp bends on closed circuits. And then there’s former World Rally Champion Richard Burns’s Subaru Impreza WRC that a certain Chris Wilson treated himself to. This Subie is a time machine.

Lightly Amused

Electric vehicles, car-to-car connectivity, intelligent control systems, self-driving cars – clean, smart, efficient, safe. The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is none of that, and that’s precisely why it’s such an important car.

Ludwig Trepte & Opel GT

Berlin, the capital of creatives, hedonists and individualists, provides the backdrop for this play starring the actor Ludwig Trepte and an icon of the late 1960s, an Opel GT. And how does the story turn out? Well, it has a happy ending, of course.

ramp #43 // Winter 2018 (EN)

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